There are two main types of septic systems. The most common in the area around the lakes is a holding tank that just holds effluent until it is removed, and hauled to a disposal/processing site. The other type is a two-compartment septic tank, where there is a processing component in the tank itself, and the processed effluent is pumped or siphoned out of the second compartment onto the ground or a septic field.

Tri-Lakes services holding tanks on one of two approaches. Customers can wait till full, or almost full and call in for removal, or they can go on a schedule where we work with you to determine an
appropriate interval with the aim being to not suffer the inconvenience of a full tank. This approach also allows us to work more efficiently, as we can top up our trucks if we are called into an area.

Septic field systems do need to be serviced regularly. Cleaning these systems has a risk to components inside the tank, but it has to be done regardless. Our drivers are as cautious as they can be while moving the recovery hose inside the tank, but please recognize this is very strenuous work.

Septic tanks can be emptied every year, however, should not exceed five years between cleanings for a small family, otherwise you risk the lifespan of the system. We generally recommend cleaning out your tank every 2 to 3 years. The type of water you have does effect septic tank bacterial action, so some systems need more frequent cleaning. We recommend spring/summer time as the best time, as the system has a chance to reestablish bacterial action before winters
freezing conditions. Our charges for this service are based on several considerations, so please call for an estimate or quote. Prices for this service have gone up recently, but are still very low when measured against those people who have to pay to service holding tanks every time they fill up.