Thank you for either looking into purchasing a camlock, or having one set up for our drivers! There any many benefits for having this piping installed, such as not having fluid drippage from the outside of our hoses, easier access to the tank, and making the job quicker for our drivers as they do not have to haul out as many hoses. Having camlocks can delay the job being done if not set up correctly for our drivers. We need a 3″ or a 4″ female adapter, or a smooth edge of ABS pipe. We encourage our customers to save themselves the money of an adapter and just have the flush end of their pipe accessible with a cap on top to keep the smell away.  Our drivers have the rest. Attached are photos of what we can hook up to.


We hook up to the top end of these last two photos.

If you are looking to have us install a camlock adapter for you, please know we install them at cost because it benefits both of us! The cost of install depends on how many lengths of ABS pipe we would need to get to the bottom of your tank, then the elbow cleanout adapter at the top, to whereever you’d like the pipe to end at.

Some customers install the piping just at the tank! This is highly encouraged when your tank is deeper than 12′ as the weight of the fluid can damage our hoses and make it twice as hard for our drivers to pull the hoses out, and can also be risky for surrounding decorations.

We thank you for whichever system you install.