We are a family owned and operated service company located in Parkland County West Division.  We provide our services within West Parkland County, Lac Ste. Anne County and Yellowhead County.

“Tradition in Pride and Excellence”

 We have dedicated our last twenty years to creating a company that could provide excellent service to our customers, a company that would be ever growing to meet the needs of our community.

 We believe we have created something pretty special, from the expanding list of services that we provide, being COR certified, providing a caring and healthy work place for our employees and striving to increase our level of service to our customers!

“Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction”

We want our clients to know that when dealing with Tri-Lakes Services we want to leave a lasting impression of excellence from the first time you call in until the job is complete.  We will take the time necessary not only to get the job done but to get the job done well!!

“Our Approach to Business”

Tri-Lakes has adopted a comprehensive and sustainable approach to meeting the needs of our customers, respecting the environment, meeting regulatory responsibilities, attracting and retaining staff.

We take our responsibility to provide reliable service in our portion of the utility sector seriously. Most providers up till recently have been smaller operations that are now hard pressed to meet the obligations being thrust on them by a changing regulatory environment. The trucking industry is undergoing major changes and is facing demands that are difficult to meet in a small operation. With that in mind, we have acquired land and business base that is County compliant, erected an office building, put in place full time administration, implemented a safety program, and added a benefits package, all while competing with firms that have not yet taken some or all of those steps.

Our next generation has accepted the challenges of providing a safety program, maintenance and repair schedules/reporting, advanced billing and payment options, and timely communications with customers. Our goal is to achieve a long term sustainable business, where one persons’ retirement or incapacity does not lead to service interruptions or shutting down the operation.

It is our sincere belief that our customers share in our values and that this is the appropriate way to conduct business going forward. Thank you for being our customer or considering Tri-Lakes Services to provide whichever services you need.